UGC has initiated an educational television transmission, earlier named 'Countrywide Classroom'. Its original one-hour slot transmission today, has grown into a 24 hour dedicated educational channel, 'Vyas'. Not only this but the programmes generated by the centres are shown on various other channels, which includes Education International on DD Bharti. In the near future, they will be available through DTH. Henceforth, we have a big share in television broadcasting and now in tune with the modern development of web casting the centre is geared towards e-Content development. we have also set up interactive classroom to receive and uplink the live lectures of eminent professors through EDUSAT-Satellite Interactive Terminal which is part of CEC-UGC network of more than 100 SIT/ROTs.


EMMRC has produced over 800 programmes in the past two decades, including varied subject selection like Science, Economics, Technology, Sports, Culture, Archaeological Heritage, People, Places and so on. Additional to this we have various multiple part series' on subjects such as Entrepreneurship and Media, Girl-Child Education and Architectural Sites as well as on sports like Hockey  

Our programmes are strictly based on the needs and interest preferences of our viewers and we have study reports and research papers to substantiate our viewer-oriented approach. 


About CEC

Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) is an Inter University Centre,established by University Grants Commission, on 26th May, 1993, under section 12(ccc) of its act of 1956. CEC is registered as a society and enjoys Central University Status. CEC is a nodal agency at national level, to address the educational level, to address the educational needs of the country through the use of various modes of communication. CEC has been working for development of Educational Communication in Higher Education.
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