An introduction to Architecture
00:17:15:00 1989 GUB-255
Producer: Neha Shah

  • It explains how man moulds his physical environment or habitat just as a potter creates his wares of clay. It explains how various shapes and forms are generated from a point.

Music in Marble Part-I

00:23:25:00 1989 GUB-281
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • The program is targeted on the students of Ancient Art History, Aesthetics, Sculpture Architecture, Archaeology and Indology. It deals with the structural beauty and sculptural value of the Delwara temples made out of Marble located at Mt. Abu in Rajasthan.

Music in Marble Part-II

00:21:56:00 1990 GUB-276
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • It deals with the structural and sculptural work of Loona Vasahi temple built in 12th century by Vastupal and Tejpal at Mt. Abu. The program accelerates an artiste’s delight with audio combination of Indian classical music.

The Living Heritage Of Temple Architecture Part-I

00:20:10:00 1990 GUB-359
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • This program deals with the tradition of temple architecture. There are two major styles of temple architecture, the Naagaradi Shaili and the Dravidadi Shaili. The dedication of making life size drawings and then constructing the temple parts according to the drawings is really great.

The Living Heritage Of Temple Architecture Part-II (Sompuras the sculptures and architects of Jain temples)

00:27:25:00 1991 GUB-340
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • This program is an interview of Shri Amritbhai Trivedi and Chandubhai Trivedi of how Sompuras who explain the history of Sampura, how a temple is designed, what are different parts of the temple, how they are related, etc. They also talk about their master works. So this program gives an idea to the students how temples are designed, carved and built in present.

The Living Heritage Of Temple Architecture Part-III (Sompura)

00:29:28:00 1991 GUB-374
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • This program is the third and last part of the serial “The living heritage of temple architecture”. This program discusses the preparation of temple drawings, distinguishable features of Western Indian temple architecture, etc.

Majestic Edifice: A programme on Hathisinh Temple

00:21:24:00 1992 GUB-522
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • This program is about the architecture and sculpture of Hathisinh temple built in 1848 in Ahmedabad.

Ferro Cement – An Available option

00:17:50:00 1992 GUB-297
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • Ferro cement appears to be one such technology where essentially layers of wire meshes are sandwiched in cement mortar. Ferro cement is used for wide range of application such as roofs, walls, coping, doors, liquid containers, toilet pans and even furniture.

Sun Temple of Modhera

00:21:51:00 1999 B/3/181
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • Sun temple of Modhera is an epitome of Indian culture. The programme shows the architectural and sculptural beauty of the temple. Some basic information about the location, period and the architectural style of the temple is given. The various sculpture of Gudhamandapa (the main temple), Sabhamandapa and Suryakunda is also described in the programme.

Rani Vav – The Step well of Patan

00:22:24:09 2000 B/3/224
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • The program deals with the subject of Stepwell – Vav, especially, Rani Vav. Its peculiar architecture and sculpture. The function of the step-well, the location and brief history of Rani Vav.

Harmony in Stone

00:18:8:00 2002 B/3/303
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • The program is about two important stepwells in and around Ahmedabad (Dada Harir and Rudabai stepwells). It deals with the location, period, architecture and sculpture of both the stepwells.

Building Visions

00:23:38:00 2002 B/3/294
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • This program is a comprehensive overview of the architectural treasures of the city over past six centuries – since its founding. This constant process of change and amalgamation is brought out through this documentary.

BuildingVisions Part-II

00:12:00:00 2004 B3/320
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • Ahmedabad is placed on the world map of architecture owing to its rich architectural legacies. The program showcases the buildings designed by the two modern masters in the city. It aims to provide understanding of their salient architectural features and the issues they demonstrate.

An Ancient Getaway

00:14:05:00 2004 B/3/424
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • Nestled at the foothills of the Aravalli and blanketed by dense forests, ‘Polo’ was once the escape route for kings of the Idar and Patan Kingdoms. Natural splendor and exquisite human efforts encased in solitude make Polo philosophical in spirit. The documentary attempts at capturing this elusive beauty of Polo.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-1 – Unveiling Architecture

00:17:10:00 2004 B/AHM/6- 177
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • The presentation explained that Architecture is a fusion of art and science. Dictums of good architecture are utility, strength and beauty. Architecture is a sum total of forces of climate, construction and culture. Siting, approach, form, massing, space organization, movement, scale, proportion and surface articulation are the tool of architecture.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-2 – Space Perception

00:16:24:00 2004 B/AHM/6- 177
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • This presentation identified the process of encoding and decoding messages.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-3 - Elements of Space

00:15:19:00 2004 B/AHM/6- 177
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • This presentation identifies that there are 7 fundamental physical elements that constitutes space.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-4 :

Elements of Space Making : Column00:16”03:00 2005 B/AHM/3/ 627
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • Column is a slender, vertical supporting element, loaded from the top and transferring the load axially to the base. It is one of the seven basic elements of space making.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-5 :

Elements of Space Making : Wall 00:13”44:00 2005 B/AHM/3/ 627
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • Wall is one of the basic seven elements of space making attributing support and volume to the space. Wall remains most registrable in the case of vision and therefore has communication value in visual terms.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-6 :

Door 00:14:20:00 2005 B/AHM/3/ 600
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • This presentation covers the attributes and roles of door as one of the basic space making elements. Door guides the movement through its positioning as connecting points.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-7 :

Windows 00:18:36:00 2005 B/AHM/3/ 598
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • This lecture covers how versatile window is as one of the seven basic space making elements. Transparency and porosity for light, view and ventilation are the universal attributes of windows.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-8 :

Elements of Space Making : Roof 00:14:57:00 2006 B/AHM/3/ 658
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • This lecture covers various examples i.e. connoting with sky in most cultures, the overhead plance and shelter are the universal attributes of the roof. Most visible element from distance roof imparts identity and character to the building. Enclosure of space, modulation of volume, image making and encoding symbols are the spatial roles of a roof. Enclosure of space by containing volume, modulation of scale by ceiling manipulation, encoder visual symbols as distant plance and image maker through its visibility are the key spatial roles of the roof.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-9 :

Elements of Space Making : Stair 00:17:47:00 2006 B/AHM/3/ 671
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • Stair is a most dynamic element of the 7 basic space making elements from Floor to Roof. From Steps, Ramp, Ladder, Stairs to modern day escalators and elevators, stair signifies simultaneous displacement in horizontal and vertical director, which makes it dynamic and sculptural.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-10 :

Elements of Space Making : Floor 00:17:17:00 2006 B/AHM/3/ 676
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • In this lecture we learnt that floor is one of the most pragmatic and functional elements of space making. Floor provides datum plane for the superstructure aand gives a sense of repose. Definition of space by demarcating territorial limit, guiding of movement through floor articulation and patterns, modulation of scale through floor levels and forms; and encoding of messages through encrypted visual clues are some of the most fundamental spatial roles of a floor. Floor being the only architectural element that involves the sense of touch its texture and levels remain the most potent dimensions of design.

Video Lecture on Architecture Part-11 :

Kinnesthetics in Architecture 00:21:02:00 2006 B/AHM/3/ 699
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • Kinesthetics is a changing perception while in movement. In this presentation of spacial narratives through Kinesthetics, it is a movement that holds the key to perception in Architecture. Good architecture understands this phenomenon of Kinesthetics and applies its principles in space organization. This prenomenon is explained by the examples of Modhera-Sun Temple, Stepwell of Adalaj and Contemporary ATMA Building of Le Corbousier.

Architecture for water:

Stepwells 00:05:19:00 2007 B/AHM/3/ 704
Producer :Ashok Mewada

  • This short documentary illustrates two great aArchitecture for Worship : Temples 00:05:40:00 2007 B/AHM/3/ 705 Producer :Ashok Mewada This short documentary depicts the temple architecture. This architecture communicates through space sequences, its organisation, scale, form, symbolism, entrance gates, ascending platforms, rising volumes of ‘Shikharas’, degrees of wall enclosure, light etcrchitectural examples of step wells existing in Gujarat. Primarily step wells are built to fetch water, but it is a social platform as well as shrine. The various characteristics are also described in this programme about step wells.

Ahmedabad Ki Vastukala
Virasat (Hindi)

00:23:29:00 2008 B/AHM/3/
Producer : Ashok Mewada

"POL HOUSES" - Ahmedabad Holistic Living Quarter Auroville
00:17:54:00 2009 B/AHM/3/835
Producer : Ashok Mewada

"BHUNGA" - Kachchh Timeless Vernacular Wisdom
00:17:44:00 2009 B/AHM/3/837
Producer : Ashok Mewada

Architectural Footprints on the Land Auroville
00:18:17:00 2009 B/AHM/3/847
Producer : Ashok Mewada

Water - Architecture Symbiosis – Rejuvenating Built Form
00:13:57:00 2010 B/AHM/3/839
Producer : Ashok Mewada