00:14:18:00 1988 GUB-89
Producer: Ashok Mewada
  • The program aims to depict the causes, problems and solutions of urbanization. The solutions are just hinted at where as the problems and causes are highlighted.

In Search of a
Humane habitat
00:14:24:00 1990 GUB-326
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • The program ‘In search of a Humane Habitat’ deals with the design issues in urban housing. The program gives idea about the traditional architecture of Indian cities and discusses various aspects of traditional architecture.

Urban Local Bodies
Part-1 History &
Administrative Structure

00:16:42:00 1995 GUB-643
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • This series deals with different aspects of urban management and in this part, the history of municipalities and Municipal Corporations, their growth and administrative structure are dealt with.

Urban Local Bodies
Part-2 ‘Functions’

00:14:29:00 1995 GUB-643
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • With growing industrialization and urban population growth, demand for efficient management is created. This part of the series deals with the functions – obligatory and non-obligatory of the Urban Local Bodies.

Urban Local Bodies
Part-3: ‘Finance’

00:17:27:00 1995 GUB-643
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • Finance is the key issue in the management of urban affairs in India. This part deals with different kinds of financial resources and expenditure patterns, budget and potential fresh fields to mobilize various sources of income.

Urban Local Bodies
Part-4: ‘Role of Citizens’

00:19:15:00 1995 GUB-906
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • Civic patriotism or feeling of ‘My City’ is a part of good and creative citizenship. This part of the series deals with the present and expected role of citizens in efficient urban management.

Ghumali –
Reminiscence of
Glorious Past

00:24:32:00 1998 B/3/70
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • Ghumali, situated in Jamnagar district in Gujarat, is an architectural treasure. The Navlatha temple, Jeta Vav, Bhrugu Kund, Son Kansari temple, Ram Pole gate, Chheleshwar temple, Vikia Vav are some of the archeological sites of seventh, eighth and twelfth centuries.

Metamorphosis of
Urban Square:

00:12:12:00 2000 B-3/216
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • This program talks about the Manekchowk in Ahmedabad. It is an Open Urban Square, which is utilized differently at different intervals of time. Manekchowk have sustained life for centuries and it’s a successful traditional urban node thriving with different activities at different time.