Management & Development
00:29:19:00 1984 GUB-2
Producer : Bharat Dave (SAC/EMRC)

What Does Under-development Mean?
00:15:55:00 1984 GUB-2
Producer: Bharat Dave (SAC/EMRC)

Indian Development -
Historical Perspective
00:17:20:00 1984 GUB-4
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri

Population Growth in India:
Historical Perspective
00:17:21:00 1985 GUB-4
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri

Agricultural Growth in India -
Historical Perspective
00:19:33:00 1985 GUB-27
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri

  • This program deals with the cropping issue of agriculture in India. It discusses contribution of agriculture to GNP, how it affects factors like employment, earning of foreign exchange, etc.

Industrial Development
in India
00:20:42:00 1985 GUB-31
Producer :Rajesh Jhaveri

Health - Development
00:23:46:00 1985 GUB-31
Producer : Rajesh Jhaveri

Leading the Light
(Sewa Rural)
00:23:05:00 1988 GUB-236
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • “Leading the Light” is a documentary illustrating the inspiring activities going on at SEWA-RURAL, Jhagadia. The devoted at SEWA-RURAL work mainly in the areas of immunization, technical training, social forestry, child development.

The Making of
Rajsamadhiyala Village (Hindi)

00:32:00:00 2008 B/AHM/3/
Producer : Hemant Upadhyaya

  • This document is about how Rajsamadhiyala was transformed from a poor village with acute water scarcity to a village where farmers can grow their crops in a year……