After launching ‘National Mission on Education through ICT’ on 2nd February, 2009 at Tirupati, the MHRD invited proposals from leading institutions of the country regarding development of e-Content. The MHRD vide its communication dated 31st March, 2009 has communicated approved on the project Proposal submitted by CEC on ‘Development of Courseware e-Content for Undergraduate’. The CEC in its Project Report submitted to MHRD had indicated that e-Content courseware in 19 subjects (Phase-I) shall be produced in collaboration with Media Centres and e- Content courseware in 68 subjects (Phase – II) shall be produced with the assistance of production agencies other than Media Centres. The e-content project is one of the ambitious projects under National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT) of Ministry of Human resource and Development (MHRD), Govt. of India. The centre has recently achieved its goal of completion of 188 programmes in e-content for Zoology, Business Economics and Life-sciences. In total 921 programmes were developed in the above subjects under Phase I & II of the e-content project. The complete courseware includes the topic video, full transcript, text, FAQs, quiz, assignments and references etc., available in easily downloadable format. For a smooth and seamless interface between user and the content CEC developed an e-content template which has been accepted as model template by the MHRD.

The e-content development and associated web based learning does not seek to replace traditional teaching and learning, but is expected to supplement them. UGC-CEC e-content scheme at EMRC aims at developing high quality e-content, as well as expertise for generating such content over the long term. EMRC, Gujarat University is involved in the process of e- content development, wherein, audio, video, graphics, animation and text are used to involve learners and make them a part of the exotic voyage of discovery, wonder and enquiry.

EMMRC has been given a task to produce E-Content in the subject of Zoology.This is a provisional template for future e-Contents. This template is more interactive and its 'Fun with Learn' experience for students. It has Glossary, Summary, Video/Audio, Text, Quiz, Assignments, Reference, FAQs as well as you can download academic script of the programme.

Sr.No Subject Created
1 Zoology (2009-2013) 89 View
2 Life Science (2013) 10 View
3 Business Economics (2013) 2 View
Total 101