The National Misson on Education through ICT is a project of MHRD which provides a momentous opportunity for all the teachers and experts in the country to pool their collective wisdom for the benefit of every indian lerner and, therby, reducing the digital divide. Under this Mission, a proper balance between content generation, research in critical areas relating to imparting of education and connectivity for integrating our knowledge with the advancements in other countries is to be attempted. CEC, as an active partner, is engaged in generation of e-content courseware for undergraduate subjects under the plan project of NME-ICT of MHRD.

EMMRC has been given a task to produce E-Content in the subject of Zoology.This is a provisional template for future e-Contents. This template is more interactive and its 'Fun with Learn' experience for students. It has Glossary, Summary, Video/Audio, Text, Quiz, Assignments, Reference, FAQs as well as you can download academic script of the programme.

Sr.No Subject Created
1 Zoology (2009-2013) 89 View
2 Life Science (2013) 10 View
3 Business Economics (2013) 2 View
Total 101