An interview with Prof. Tom Cannon
(Tips for AspiringEntrepreneur by Prof. Tom Cannon)

00:20:03:00 1990 GUB-364
Producer: Dhiren Avashia/Malti Mehta
  • Professor Tom Cannon, Director, Manchester Business School, in an interview, talks about small and medium entrepreneurship and industrialization of business. He elaborates on how aspiring entrepreneurs can carve a niche for themselves in the international as well as the home market.

Saga of Silk : Part-1
00:20:36:00 1991 GUB-416
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • In this program information about history of silk, its secret smuggling from China to other nations, the industry growth and its present global status and how it plays an important role in India’s and other nations’ economy is explained.

Saga of Silk : Part-2
00:16:10:00 1991 GUB-416
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • This part imparts the knowledge about the fascinating metamorphosis of the silkworm, rearing and harvesting of cocoons.

Saga of Silk : Part-3
Processing of Silk
00:18:57:00 1991 GUB-416
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • How the silk is being twisted and woven on handlooms into beautiful silk fabrics is explained.

Saga of Silk
Part-4: Silk Haute Couture
00:18:30:00 1991 GUB-419
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • This part includes how silk is positioned on the global textile market, the exotic and high priced creations of the famous world fashion designers.

Promoting Entrepreneurship – An interview
00:24:27:00 1992 GUB-406
Producer: Dhiren Avashia

  • Prof. Malcolm Harper of Cranfield School of Management, U.K. talks to Prof. K. Ramchandran of IIM, Ahmedabad about micro-enterprise, its recent recognition, entrepreneurship development projects in context of China and Africa along with policy and regulatory actions.

Entrepreneurship Part-1 – Willing to Dare
00:28:08:00 1996 B/6/30
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • The focus of the program is to understand the role and significance of small enterprise in the Indian context using a case study of Softel. The programme also emphasized the possible phases such as start up, survival and growth in the life of an organization.

Entrepreneurship Part-2 – Reaching Out
00:24:11:00 1996 B/6/30
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • This program discusses challenges of building up multi-functional skills, the significance of starting with marketing and then integrating into manufacturing. The case of Ajit Enterprise manufacturing soft toys was used to develop the discussion.

Entrepreneurship Part-3 – Turning Around
00:29:29:42 1996 B/6/31
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • The theme of this part is industrial sickness and revival in the context of small enterprises. The influence of external and internal factors are discussed to prevent it.

Entrepreneurship Part-4 –Rise above the Rest
00:29:00:00 1996 B/6/31
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • This discusses the growth phase of an organization and summarises the discussion of all the four parts. Recruitment and retention of good quality people for the growing needs of the organization are critical to sustained growth.