A Video Diary
Technical Personnel
Training Workshop-

00:24:40:00 1986 GUC-42
Producer: Malti Mehta

Housing (Urban)
00:12:04:00 1987 GUB-119
Producer: Ashok

  • This program gives the information about housing problem in the urban areas of our country.

Handle with Care
00:13:29:00 1988 GUB-203
Producer: Himanshu Trivedi

  • The narrator and the expert explain the things in a laboratory situation.

Taming the Terrible

00:22:22:00 1988 GUB-131
Producer: Imamuddin Shaikh

  • This program deals with different traffic problems, how they get arised, what public can do to solve them etc.

Invisible Work
00:08:37:00 1988 GUB-239
Producer: Savita Hegde

  • The program talks about the need to redefine ‘work’ keeping in mind household work done by women at home.
  • The program shows different indoor and outdoor games to understand how these games contribute to the development of different aspects of the personality of children.

Eye on the Earth
00:19:23:00 1989 GUB-211
Producer: Ashok Mewada & Rajesh Jhaveri

  • Mr. Pramod Kale, Director, Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad of Indian Space Research Organization explains the development process and future of satellite communication in India.

Man & Machine
00:09:33:00 1989 GUB-241
Producer: Ashok Mewada

In Focus
00:31:21:00 1990 GUB-328
Producers: Anvita Adeshra/Durriya Latif (CDC)

  • In this quickie, one of the poems “The Dog Days’ by Derek Mahon is visualized with a brief introduction of him.

A touch of

00:25:16:00 1990 GUB-351
Producer: Mita R. Bhatt

A touch of

00:23:03:00 1990 GUB-351
Producer: Mita R. Bhatt

Mystery of Colours
00:07:51:00 1990 GUA-399
Producer: Sangeeta Shah, SNDT, Pune

Luis Braille –
A Mono Acting by
C C Mehta

00:38:00:00 1991 GUB-469
Producer : Vismay Shah

  • Renowned theatre personality late Shri C C Mehta performs a mono acting of Luis Braille in this programme. .

Glorious Past,
Uncertain Future

00:07:04:00 1992 GUB-543
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • The program ‘Glorious past, Uncertain future’ talks about the monumal neglect of Ahmedabad city. Various reasons of monumental degradation are shown in the program.

Serpentile Senses
00:04:52:00 1992 GUA-606
Producer: Savita Hegde & Others
(CEE-EMRC Workshop Program)

(Document on CDC)

00:44:45:00 1992 GUB-532
Producers: Malti Mehta + CDC Students

  • This program is made on the occasion of completion of 10 years of CDC. Pioneers, faculty and students speak about the course, the centre and its future.

Quest for Excellence

00:42:42:00 1992 GUB-558
Producers: Dhiren Avashia/Malti Mehta

IIM-A Quest for Excellence
00:44:10:00 1992 GUB-579
Producers: Dhiren Avasia/Malti Mehta

Gujarat Government’s
Gaurav Puraskhar-1991

00:20:00:00 1992 GUB-559
Producer: Malti Mehta

Pan Chewing
00:02:32:00 1993 GUA-903
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • To convey through the quickie that spitting is a disgusting habit and a public nuisance. Tried to present it in a light manner and incorporated humour through visuals and music.

Save Electricity
00:01:55:00 1993 GUA-903
Producer: Ashok Mewada (M.S. Uni.)

00:01:10:00 1993 GUA-903
Producer: Ashok Mewada (M.S. Uni.)

Sanman Puraskar
(Govt. of Gujarat)

1993 GUB-619
Producer: Malti/Ashok/Vismay/Ravji/M. Chavda

(CDC Training Prog.)

00:13:03:00 1993 GUB-905
Producers: Alka/Vandana/Sunali (CDC)
  • The program opens with the use of colour in design, life and nature. It also speaks about colour harmony and types of colours.

Dinosaurs in Gujarat
00:22:45:00 1993 GUB-601
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • This program deals with the dinosaurian fossils namely foot prints and foottracks, eggs, and bones, available in Gujarat particularly in two areas, Kachchh and Kheda. A detailed analysis has been carried out by the Geological Survey of India on the basis of these findings.

Water & Civilisation
00:26:04:00 1994 GUB-441
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

  • The role of water in starting the civilization is explored. Specific ideas regarding sharing of water between countries, regions and states are also explored.

Water in day to day Life
00:18:40:00 1994 GUB-541
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

  • This is an introduction to the overall concept of utilization of water by all of us with emphasis on the way we utilize water for various purposes including to our industrial needs.

Lasting Impressions
00:25:38:00 1994 GUB-559
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • The program gives a brief history of the evolution of the still camera, its introduction into India. Photography reached the Indian shores only 7 months after it was unveiled to the world in 1839. This program gives an account of photographic activities in different parts of the country till year 1947.

Quest for Water
00:21:53:00 1994 GUB-624
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

  • Concept of desalination of water has been explored in this program.

Use of Water for

00:26:00:00 1994 GUB-624
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

  • The utilization of water by various industries is explored. Specific discussion is on use of water in the heat-transfer process and how some of the water utilization by industries can be controlled by appropriate recycling methods.

Conservation of Water
00:20:22:00 1994 GUB-624
Producer: Rajesh Jhaveri

  • While we utilize the water, the way we do it, there is a large amount of wastage. Various ideas regarding conservation of water, recycling of water, etc. are explored.

00:13:32:00 1994 GUB-369
Producer: Dhiren Avashia

  • This is a program on Bharat Dave, a famous and experienced rally driver. He has taken part in different rallies so far and is now participating in the rally in New Zealand. This program is an inspiration for the youth to inculcate such courage and bravery.

Behind the Mask
00:17:23:00 1994 GUA-1069
Producer: Malti Mehta

The soul of
Freedom Movement

00:30:36:00 1995 GUB-650
Producer: Vismay Shah

A talk with
Mm. Paulin on

00:17:36:00 1995 B/6/15
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • Mm. Paulin is an expert on Museology. She talks about what is a museum? Why we need museums? In Paris there are about 200 museums. Museum architecture and lighting, especially explained a Pyramid of Louvre museum.

Competition Coverage
00:12:52:00 1995 GUB-646
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • It is a coverage of 7th Educational Video Competition held at EMRC, Ahmedabad. Details of competition like: 27 entries received, some jury members, views, prizes, results, etc. are included in the program.

A mirage for
A future

00:32:31:00 1998 B/3/177
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • Situated in western Gujarat, the Little Rann of Kachchh Wild Ass Sanctuary is the largest protected area in India. Over 300 species of birds, several rare and beautiful reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and plants are protected in this unique habitat. A local NGO filed a Public Interest Litigation against the Government of Gujarat for leasing sanctuary land to the salt industry.

Exploring the
Twilight zone

CDC workshop quickie-
00:06:37:00 2001 B/3/274
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • A quickie on non-formal education, three case studies are showcased to throw light on the importance of non-formal education for those deprived of education.

Uprooting the roots
CDC workshop quickie-

00:06:08:00 2001 B/3/274
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • In this quickie, the ‘Pol’ houses of Ahmedabad are highlighted with its characteristics, with some of the houses being more than a hundred years old. Migration from the ‘old city’ to the ‘new city’ is also discussed.

Quickie – Body Speaks
M.S. Uni. Workshop

00:05:00:00 2002 B/3/274
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • Quickie on body language, through the means of a birthday party, various kinds of communication, via body language, in various circumstances is shown.

The Magic of Invisible hands
CDC Workshop Quickie-

00:06:50:00 2002 B/3/314
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • A quickie on the history of puppetry and the various kinds of puppets used in India.

Synthesizing Life
CDC workshop quickie-

00:03:02:00 2002 B/3/314
Producer: Ashok Mewada
  • A quickie on the importance of leaves and their various uses in day-to-day life.

Attention Please
CDC workshop quickie-

00:05:20:00 2003 B/3/263
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • A quickie on hoardings as a tool for communication. Various kinds of hoardings and this medium’s pro’s and con’s are shown.

Ageless exploration
CDC workshop quickie-

00:05:40:00 2003 B/3/263
Producer: Ashok Mewada

  • A quickie aimed at changing the perception of people, that museums are boring and to encourage them to make museums a part of their daily life.

Tomorrow of our

00:16:54:09 2004 B/6/72
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • The program is an attempt to inspire students by sharing the experience and views of the HSC toppers of Gujarat. It is a part of the series – student achievers, suggested by CEC.

Portrait of a Painter :
Natubhai Parikh Part-1

00:18:57:00 2007 B/AHM/6/
Producer : Malti Mehta

  • It is a biographical sketch of a renown landscape artist Natubhai Parikh – from his childhood to his grooming in the profession.

Portrait of a Painter :
Natubhai Parikh Part-I1

00:16:53:18 2007 B/AHM/6/
Producer : Malti Mehta

  • It is the second part of Natubhai Parikh’s biographical sketch depicting his contribution to the field of art. His family and friends describe his rare qualities.

Profile of EMMRC, Ahmedabad
00:06:02:00 2007 B/AHM/3/
Producer : Malti Mehta

From she to herself :
A never ending odyssey

00:18:20:00 2007 B/AHM/3/
Producer : Ashok Mewada

  • The documentary is based on Home Based women workers which falls under unorganized sector. It mainly focuses on the present plight of the women who work in their home under exploitative condition.

Earthquake Resistant Construction
Part-2 : Basic Concepts of Dynamics

00:26:23:11 2007 B/AHM/3/
Producer : Malti Mehta

  • In this programme, basic terminologies of Dynamics are explained with models in the lab, where students are participating live.

Earthquake Resistant Construction
Part-3 : Structural Dynamics

00:17:22:17 2007 B/AHM/3/
Producer : Malti Mehta

  • In this part of series, structural dynamics is discussed along with degrees of freedom, mathematical modelling and methods of analysis.

Earthquake Resistant
Construction Part-4 :
Concepts of Earthqake
Resistant Design

00:22:20:00 2008 B/AHM/3/
Producer : Malti Mehta

  • In this programme the philosophy of Earthquake Resistant design, difference between Earthquake proof and Earthquake Reistant design and various features like depthility, redundancy and overstrength are discussed.

Earthquake Resistant
Construction Part-5:
Lateral Load Distribution

00:22:49:00 2008 B/AHM/3/
Producer : Malti Mehta

  • As the lateral load distribution due to Earthquake is very different from gravity load distribution.

Earthquake Resistant
Construction Part-6 :
Shear Wall

00:20:06:00 2008 B/AHM/3/
Producer : Malti Mehta

  • In this programme the behaviour of shear wall is discussed to distribute lateral force due to Earthquake, classification along with the suitability and failure modes of shear wall were discussed with lab demo.

Reading New Heighs
00:10:27:04 2009 B/AHM/3/846
Producer : Nandini Joshi & Parth Trivedi

One Sky, One World Humanities
00:21:34:05 2009 B/AHM/3/830
Producer : Malti Mehta

Growing Influence of Internet as Media ICT
00:16:21:17 2009 B/AHM/3/846
Producer : Malti Mehta