Production of top technology educational software with the help of various subject experts belonging to premier educational and research organizations of the country and to reach out to the widest possible audience segments all over the nation.

Television was introduced in India on the assumption of its capability in bringing about social change via relevant informational and educational programmes. Education is a joint responsibility of both the state & union government in Federal India. For university education the primary responsibility for funding on-going expenditure is that of the state developmental projects and research at universities receive support through initial grants from the union government through the UGC. It is expected that the UGC by exercising a healthy and indirect influence will bring about a better coordination among universities and will create conditions for effective and economical expansion of higher education in India.

The initiation of the CWCR project is completing 25 years in October, 2009. It is important to note that within this period, 17 Media Centres across the country are established. EMRC, Ahmedabad is the first Media Centre established on 7.10.1984.

The objectives of CWCR as per the credo – "The broadcasts will aim to upgrade, update and enrich the quality of education while extending its research. They will attempt to overcome the obsolescence of the syllabus and present the latest advances in all fields. The programmes will seek to arouse the interest of the viewers to wet their appetite and to broaden their horizons. The aim is to broaden their horizons. The aim is to stimulate and not to satiate".

Motivation, innovation, creativity and analysis are the guiding elements through out the transmission of CWCR on Doordarshan for few hours and on 24 hour higher education 'Vyas Channel' since 2004.