India Elects
00:29:48:00 1990 GUB-328
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • This program deals with the general elections in India including the process of election and role of the Election Commission and media in context of the Constitution of India.

A discussion on

00:20:14:00 1992 GUB-570
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • In this program, the interviewer Prof. Abid Shamsi gives the dictionary meaning of the word ‘secular’ and requests the participants to throw light on the concept of secularism.

Human Rights:
The Evolving concept

00:17:50:00 1993 GUA-960
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • All rights and human rights cannot be fulfilled unless corresponding duties are fulfilled. In the interview based programme, Prof. D.M. Pathak gives a vast and panoramic view of human rights – declaration of human rights by UNO, a state can be evaluated on the basis of human rights and how it maintains it.

Basic Democratic
Processes –
T.N. Seshan in Conversation
with Pramod Kale

00:32:29:00 1994 GUB-524
Producer: Malti Mehta

  • Mr. T.N. Seshan, Chief Election Commissioner – (1) highlights the status of India before and after the adoption of the constitution; (2) describes the function of three pillars of democracy vis. Legislature, Executives and Judiciary; (3) informs about the process of Registration of voters in the electoral list and (4) also talks about the proposed changes in the election procedure.

Human Rights and
Indian Constitution

00:19:49:00 1996 B/6/25
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • This program discusses the importance of basic human rights and why we have included human rights in our constitution.

Human Rights and
Indian Constitution

00:22:25:00 1996 B/6/25
Producer: Vismay Shah

  • This program discusses enforcements and effectiveness of human rights in India, the citizens and students role in furtherance.

Enlightenment Part-1 :
An Overview

00:31:19:14 2008 B/AHM/3/772
Producer : Vismay Shah

  • Enlightment is a subject which cuts through many social sciences like political science, economics, sociology. An eminent expert of political science Prof. Yogendra Mankad takes us through the fascinating journey of the age of Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Part-2 :
French Encyclopedie and Enlightenment

00:27:27:15 2009 B/AHM/3/782
Producer : Vismay Shah

Enlightenment Part-3 :
French Revolution

00:28:42:00 2009 B/AHM/3/826
Producer : Vismay Shah

Enlightenment Part-4 :
The British Story

00:30:51:00 2009 B/AHM/3/864
Producer : Vismay Shah

Enlightenment Part-5 :
American Enlightment : The Federalist

00:27:12:00 2009 B/AHM/3/867
Producer : Vismay Shah

Enlightenment Part-6 :
Kant & Enlightenment

00:25:35:12 2010 B/AHM/3/873
Producer : Vismay Shah

Enlightenment Part-7 :
Enlightenment & The Science of Man

00:21:56:19 2010 B/AHM/3/874
Producer : Vismay Shah

Enlightenment Part-8 :
Enlightenment & The Science of Society

00:24:45:06 2010 B/AHM/3/877
Producer : Vismay Shah

Enlightenment Part-9 :
Enlightenment & Atheism

00:22:56:12 2010 B/AHM/3/878
Producer : Vismay Shah

Enlightenment Part-10 :
Enlightenment Modernity

00:24:27:19 2010 B/AHM/3/885
Producer : Vismay Shah

Enlightenment Part-11 :
Enlightenment : An Evaluation

00:21:53:08 2010 B/AHM/3/888
Producer : Vismay Shah