Vision and Mission
Guruvani 90.8 FM – Radio Unbound Vision and Mission To enrich the community, mainly students of more than 200 colleges affiliated with Gujarat University about its Courses and career options while at the same time providing them with enriching and fulfilling edutainment programs. 
I/c Radio project
  Dr. Komal Shah, Mr. Bharat Jadav

Core team 
Prashant Kuhikar – Production Asst.
Chirag Chauhan – Technical Operator

Launch Date 30-03-2012 

Broadcast Timings

  Broadcast Hours
9 Hours 

Hindi, Gujarati, English  Programme Bank  300 Hours
Gujarat University Community Radio, Guruvani, 90.8 FM came into existence in 2012 and since then it has more than 3000 hours of programs in its bank. These programs have helped in exchange of information, networking of groups, provision of skills and training; and all these are undoubtedly key elements of developing the student community. It has empowered the university students and various communities to use radio to promote themselves and to speak directly to the peers. Quality health and well being is a priority of all in the society, here too Guruvani has catered to the students and local community by producing informative programs on health tips, nearby government run medical centres and phone-in programs of specialist doctors to solve health issues of the vulnerable community living around the university area. 9 There are still ample of future goals for Guruvani to be achieved through its participatory action plans and bring about significant positive changes in the community’s life.