Basic Camera

00:04:42:00 1988 GUB-120
Producer: Kaushik Brambhatt

  • This quickie is about the basic controls and handling of a 35 mm still camera. It gives information about shutter speed, aperture, focus, camera loading, etc.

Camera Aperture
00:04:17:00 1988 GUB-232
Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt

  • It gives information about camera aperture in detail, how it works and its best use.

Camera Shutter Speed
00:03:39:00 1988 GUB-232
Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt

  • It gives information about shutter speed in detail, how it works and its use.

00:02:20:00 1988 GUB-206
Producer: Kaushik Brahmbhatt

  • This is about the combination of both the important controls – how different combination gives different result.

Polarization of light
00:20:18:00 1989 GUB-315
Producers: Ashok Mewada/Malati Srinivas (NID)

  • The program ‘Polarization of Light’ deals with a phenomenon of light, that is not directly visible to man. This is because it happens at the level of the internal.

Frozen Moments:
A talk with a Lens eye

00:20:30:00 1991 GUB-414
Producer: Ravji Sondarva

  • This is a program about Henry Wilson a photographer from England who has worked extensively on religion, art and architecture in India and South East Asia.

Black & White
Developing and
Printing Part-I

00:13:38:00 1995 GUB-362
Producer: Ila Joshi

  • The programme demonstrates and explains the processes of Black and White film developing and printing. The program can be said to be made of three components – Introduction, Developing process and printing process. The program also gives information about the methods to correct the underexposed and overexposed negatives while developing and printing.

Colour Photography:
Developing &
Printing Part-II

00:13:38:00 1995 B/6/9
Producer: Ila Joshi

  • It explains the various adjustments of an SLR camera and how desired colour tones and shades can be achieved by using different types of filters. It shows the automatic developing machine for the development of the film.

00:02:18:00 1995 GUB-451
Producer: CDC Trainees